Are you in the middle of agile transformation? Are there roadblocks on the way? Is there friction between agile development and the rest of the organization? Where does this friction stem from? How can you get a better grip of what’s going on?

Measure Beyond Agile is a research-based organizational diagnostic for business agility. It helps you:

  • Assess how agile your enterprise is as a whole, not just in terms of agile development
  • Recognize imbalances in agility across dimensions
  • Identify areas for organizational development
  • Legitimize change interventions

The diagnostic is:

  • Cross-functional: The metrics cut organizational structures and have a common interpretation across the organization.
  • Accessible: Data collection can be done with modest effort. The results are timely.
  • Transparent: The scale is uniform for all indicators and is based on a sound theoretical foundation. Calculation of numeric results is straightforward.
  • Actionable: The resulting report provides practicable recommendations for specific actions to be taken. It objectifies subjective perceptions of organizational dysfunctions and legitimizes interventions that are required.

Survey Dimensions


Business agility is about continuous ability of the organisation to sense changes in the environment and to design and change itself accordingly. As the business environment is increasingly turbulent, the organisation’s capacity and capability to develop competencies that flexibly address change is of increasing importance. This calls for sensitivity to weak signals, ability to interpret their significance to business, and speed to decide on and execute organisational change.

The complexity of the environment must be matched with requisite level of organizational response. Read more about the agility logics underpinning the organization’s adaptive capacity in the white paper below.

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This free demo survey features nine questions, representing three core areas: Production / Service Delivery; Customer and Markets; and Product/Service Development. The full survey covers all aspects of the enterprise and features 72 questions.

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